Molded from the Streets

During a time when our feeds are piling with negative news, the XLARGE x D*Face x Medicom Be@rbrick injects excitement with its much-awaited collab. The limited-edition designer toy was launched on Akimbo.PH and is simply a tap and press away from arriving on your doorsteps.



The three brands Be@rbrick, XLARGE, and D*Face, are practically institutions for those kept on the pulse of street culture. Be@rbrick by Japanese toy manufacturer Medicom is known for its collectible bears molded from different types of materials and colors. The designs of the Be@rbricks are unique; the company invites select contemporary artists and designers to contribute to the resulting limited edition Be@rbrick.



What makes this particular model of Be@rbrick exciting is the collaboration of—not one, but two—design figures: mega LA streetwear brand XLARGE with English multimedia street artist D*Face. XLARGE is described by streetwear enthusiasts as the “true, OG streetwear brand,” owing to its early origins in the scheme of all thing street. On the other hand, D*Face also known as Dean Stockton, is a huge force in street art with his distinct skater-graffiti style.

The XLARGE x D*Face x Medicom Be@rbrick design played a central role in DesignCon 2019, which is the annual street art and design conference held in Anaheim. Since California is out-of-reach to us physically, this collectible toy definitely brings a chip of LA to the local streetwear community. Akimbo is offering the Be@rbrick collectibles in the 1000% Charcoal Color, 400% Charcoal Color, and 400% Black Color.



Akimbo has been catering to the Filipino street scene for a while. The concept emerged as a result of the founders’ passion for underground culture, hype, and contemporary art. Akimbo believes that community is an inherent element in the Filipino identity, and the underground culture is naturally in a position to expand locally.


With the XLARGE x D*Face x Medicom Be@rbrick release, Akimbo seeks to cater to this community.

For every purchase of the XLARGE x D*Face x Medicom Be@rbrick, 20% of the proceeds will go to the customer’s preferred beneficiary among the following: UP Medical Foundation, Caritas Manila, PGH Medical Foundation. Customers need simply to go online to, purchase the Be@rbrick, then select their desired beneficiary. The Be@rbrick will be delivered directly to the customer within a few days.

Should you wish to join in the nation-wide effort beyond purchasing our Be@rbricks, has also created a section in the website aimed at providing information for those who to directly help the victims of the COVID-19 spread in the Philippines.

We are one community. This is especially apparent during this point in time. In addition, we at Akimbo believe that great things can emerge from the streetwear community. When you support our initiatives, you can contribute to our vision that great things are molded from the streets.

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