A homage to a lifestyle of good taste, Akimbo expands its fashion collection and brings Phaidon. An eye-catching set of luxury book pieces that incorporates style and inspiration.

Phaidon [fay-dn] noun

The printing press was named after Phaedo, a novel about a pupil of Socrates written by Greek philosopher Plato. He sets forth the theory of ideas as he deals with the immortality of the soul; acknowledging his love for classical culture.

In Vienna Austria, 1923 Dr. Bela Horowitz and Ludwig Goldscheider created the Phaidon Printing Press, a publisher of beautiful prints preserving history and art, that at a time may have been forgotten. It’s earliest publications are prints on historical archives of Van Gogh and French art impressionists. 

When the Nazi war in Germany broke, the publishing house was forced to be headquartered in London. Discovering the monarchy of the United Kingdom and kept close ties with the royal community. Drawings of The Royal Collection at Windsor Castle begun in 1942, showing elegant ‘pocket’ series of private art and historical texts about the royals.

Vermeer Lady at the Virginals with a Gentleman or The Music Lesson, (1662-5) oil painting currently on display at the Queen's Gallery in Scotland.

Phaidon has two guiding principles: value and design. Horovitz focused on value with the aim of delivering quality books at affordable prices while Goldscheider geared design toward elegant layouts and beautiful productions.

Phaidon is recognised for publishing elegant fine art books since 1923. Currently, Phaidon has over 1,500 titles in print with about 60 title annually.

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